Shocks Design

Shocks Design was founded in 2005 with a deep understanding of various markets and design areas. We focus on visual design, believing that only good visual design can help clients stand out in the market. We aspire to be an important partner for clients in the brand visual battlefield and to see excellent Taiwanese enterprises achieve international fame after incorporating brand management concepts.


We focus on communication to deeply understand client needs and convey brand spirit. We carefully plan brand positioning and build brand value.


The market is ever-changing. We tailor-make and break the mold for clients. Trends do not wait for anyone, and visual marketing must keep up with the times. Let's break the mold together.


Shocks Design has been established for many years and has a diverse client base. We uphold transparent pricing, value commitments, and take a responsible attitude to every step. We use professional planning to meet client needs.

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Our Clients

Our clients come from all over the world, including Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the United States, and Europe. We are grateful for their trust.

Two Logos of Shocks Design Win Quadaward International Design Award, Competing With 120 Countries

Quadaward – International Design Award

On April 29, 2014, we were surprised to receive an invitation to the Quadaward International Design Award, founded by Red Dot Design Award winners Anna Christowzik and Claudius Scheuch. After a 6-month online competition, our two logo designs were finally awarded by global online judges.